How to invent yourself through iCashRewards|如何通过iCashRewards平台学习电子商务和数字营销

How to invent yourself through iCashRewards Learning platform & community support by way of learning e-commerce business and digital marketing.

We are living in unprecedented crisis and times. Together we will get through this, Thanks for Canadian Government and BC province support  for young professionals under the 30 and students across Canada.

Qualified Students Opportunity:  Have an early-stage business idea? Validate your opportunity with the Online Market Validation Training program (MVT). The MVT program uses multimedia learning modules, videos, and venture-building assignments to help you validate your market and assess your business idea.

Course content is drawn from today’s best thinking on successful entrepreneurship, such as Steve Blank (customer discovery), Alexander Osterwalder (business model canvas), and Eric Ries (lean startup).

We are happy to receive conditionally pre-approve our grant for Canada Summer Jobs Program! 

Digital One is looking for a part-time virtual Event Manager and social media marketing Assistant to support a high-energy team. We are looking for a candidate who would like to work in a flexible environment and enjoy communication with other departments to complete projects: 

  • Young professional Canadians between 20-30 years of age

  • An accredited post secondary institution in BC or is taking one semester off (ie: summers)

  • Part-time, full time and international students are eligible

  • Any level of post-secondary (certificate, undergrad, master level, phd post-doc, etc.) is accepted

  • Twitter or LinkedIn users >500 followers (Optional)

You will have an opportunity to learn how to get more work done with the everyday tools you are going to use, such as Webinaron Zoom and Microsoft team, Office 365for mail, chat and work and Salesforce Marketing Cloud including SLIDO, Mailchimp, Hootsuite ,WIX, Canva, Snipping Tool and other social medial digital channels for marketing iCashRewards eCommerce Service and products.

About Digital One Asset Corp. (“Digital One”):

Established in 2019, Digital One delivers Blockchain and Al-powered investment solutions for enterprises. We work from a well-defined, intelligence-based product or service to tailor-made services based on the specific needs of our clients and deploy Digital Marketing, Blockchain or Artificial Intelligence to advance our clients’ business impact and inspire new innovations in their markets. We focus on providing solutions to four key sectors: consumer loyalty, tourism and hospitality, fintech, and data analytics.

我们生活在前所未有的危机时代。感谢加拿大政府和BC省对30岁以下的年轻专业人士和加拿大学生的关注与支持,Digital One将响应政府的号召为加拿大学生提供学习平台。


课程内容取材于成功企业,如Steve Blank、Alexander Osterwalder和Eric Ries。


Digital One正在寻找兼职的网络活动经理和社交媒体运营助理。我们欢迎愿意在灵活的环境中工作,并喜欢与其他部门沟通以完成项目的人前来报名。

  • 20-30岁的年轻专业加拿大人

  • 在BC省被认可的大专院校或正在休学一学期(即:暑假)

  • 兼职、全职和国际学生均可

  • 任何程度的高等教育(证书、本科、硕士、博士后等)都可以

  • Twitter或LinkedIn用户>500关注者(可选)

你将有机会学习如何使工作软件更有效地完成工作,比如Webinaron Zoom和Microsoft Team,Office 365的邮件、聊天和市场营销云功能包括SLIDO, Mailchimp, Hootsuite, WIX, Canva和其他数字营销渠道,还有iCashRewards电子商务服务和产品。

关于Digital One Asset Corp.(“Digital One”):

Digital One成立于2019年,为企业提供区块链和Al-powered投资解决方案。我们从定义明确、以智能为基础的产品或服务,到基于客户特定需求的定制服务,并部署数字营销、区块链或人工智能,以提升客户的业务影响力,并在他们的市场激发新的创新。我们专注于为四个关键领域提供解决方案:消费者忠诚度、旅游和酒店、金融技术和数据分析。


Digital One Asset Corp.

300-1055 West Hastings Street

V6E 2E9, Vancouver BC Canada

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