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Diving into a virtual world , Join Digital 2020 !

Updated: Sep 5, 2020

Create a memorable experience for our global audience !

Blockchain Impact Institute is hosting its third edition of event titled " Digital 2020, Shape the Future of Our New Remote Economy " from August 28 to September 23 in an unforgettable immersive reality island. View our venue here.

“Personal leadership is best learned through dynamic interactions with others,” said Sarah Soule, faculty director of the new Stanford LEAD: Personal Leadership Certificate. “What’s exciting about this new program is that we’ve developed a curriculum that is hands-on, spans multiple time zones, and bridges physical distance to fully engage participants in an experiential learning environment. What was exciting about this new program at Stanford GSB is that it happened before the pandemic. Read the news here.

Working remotely is now becoming mainstream. Immersive reality (IR) is becoming more accessible.

Looking ahead... Laval Virtual hosted the largest online event we’ve seen in VirBELA virtual Island ("VirBELA") to date, with more than 6,600 people from 110 countries. Laval Virtual World 2020 demonstrates VirBELA's ability to bring large groups of people together in a time when social distancing is the new normal. Check Laval Virtual World 2020 on Youtube!


Diving into a virtual world!

Remote workers often feel isolated, and remote teams can lack a sense of togetherness, community, and shared space. Click and Free Download the VirBELA App access to our upcoming community event!

Blockchain Impact Institute is hosting "Digital 2020, Shape the Future of Our New Remote Economy"  from August 28 to September 23. Through the VirBELA app, they will present a social engagement and communication solution in a virtual environment that transforms regular meetings into unforgettable virtual networking experiences.

The conference hall can support 10,000+ users concurrently from anywhere in the world. You will have a chance to meet over 50 + exhibitors from AI, IR, Blockchain and 50+ speakers, explore our 3D Immersive reality open showroom, boardroom, VirBELA Campus Conference Hall, participate in a social event at the Beach and more.  

Check out our Exhibitor information, Sponsorship opportunity and get tickets to attend! The agenda is coming soon!

Live on YouTube:

Every Thursday, Ms. wonderful Fanny Travis is hosting a virtual digital marketing education on Youtube, talking about how an enterprise-scale 3D world that leverages immersive technology to support your collaboration, events, education, or training goals! RSVP here. View YouTube

Cowork in the cloud. Transition to Virtual Learning from Video Learning.

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