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1. Join iCashrewards for free

Join for free to start saving at over 150 of your favourite stores today.

2. Shop online through our link

Find your favourite store on the iCashrewards website and click through to shop as usual.

3. Get your iCashRewards

Get your extra rewards from every purchase you make through iCashRewards.  You have the option to redeem cash  or USDT or SATO. If you choose to redeem USDT or SATO, please set up an USDT and iCash account through one of the digital wallets we recommend below and fill out the form to claim USDT or SATO. 

4. Options to Redeem SATO 

  1. Option 1: (Converting iCash Loyalty Points to SATO) - Send us your BEP-20 Address and we will deposit SATO into your account using one of the digital wallets below. Contact us!

  2. Option 2: (Converting iCash Token to SATO) -  Download SwapAll to convert it on your own.

Option 1: (Free)

  • Download ImToken or MetaMask

  • Click on "+" to add "USDT_Wallet" on your wallet

  • Click the "Receive" on USDT and tap to copy the address

  • Fill out the form to claim the points

Kcash Wallet.png

Option 2:  Hardware Wallets

  • Open your Ethereum wallet: You can buy from our website (KeepKey; Ledger )

  • Click the "Receive" on USDT and tap to copy the address

  • Fill out the form to claim the points


Option 3:  Official Binance Crypto Wallet and App for Phone



Option 4:  Blockchain-based social network Airdrop wallet



Terms and Conditions​

  • Each iCash Loyalty Point = 0.001 CAD; Each iCash Token = 1.00 USD ; Each SATO = 1.00 USD ( Prices may vary according to the crypto exchange.)

  • You need to reach an available balance of 100,000 iCash points (Starting CAD $100) before you can redeem them for cashback and USDT.

  • You will be able to cash out to your linked bank account at PayPal. Cashback is only valid in Canada and USA.

  • You must follow steps and meet all criteria on the offer page to receive points .

  • Please allow up to 30 days after purchase posts to your statement for iCashRewards points to be posted into your wallet. (Once a retailer confirms you’ve made an eligible purchase, we credit your account with iCashRewards which you can use to redeem cash and USDT).

  • Offer cannot be combined with any other offers or promo code.

  • Points cannot be earned on gift card purchases.

  • Void where prohibited or restricted by law.

  • Users from airdrop only can redeem token under iCashRewards each promotion program.  

  • iCashRewards reserves the right to revise these terms and conditions at any time and users are deemed to be apprised of and bound by any changes to these terms and conditions.

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