You need at least 100,000 iCash points (Starting USD $100), you will be able to cash out to your linked bank account at PayPal. Cashback is only valid in Canada and USA.

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You need to reach an available balance in iCash, you can redeem with USDT. 

  1. Get  USDT address from your wallet

  2.  Enter your USDT address in your account. 


You need at least 500,000 iCash points, you will be rewarded BTC GiftCard (Value in USD $50).


  1. Each iCash = 0.1 US dollar = 0.13 CA dollar

  2. You can redeem for cashback and USDT.

  3. You need to reach an available balance of minimum USD $100 in iCash, you will be able to redeem. Rewards become available after they have been confirmed. Reward confirmation occurs once the partner's reward locking period has passed. This is typically 30-60 days, the return period, after your initial purchase or completed stay.

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