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Welcome to join  iCashRewards digital marketing platform !

Digital rewards is real -  make sure your incentive program and your reward provider are keeping up in the right way.

At CashReward, you keep 100% of your sales ! you just pay a flat monthly membership based on your display size and marketing program you  choose. no fees or commissions to iCashRewards.

You will be listed under iCashRewards online category and  entitled to receive a free digital reward minting service  either in NFT or FT format for your digital loyalty rewards plan powered by blockchain and valued USDT$350.

With 4 different sizes of displays to choose from at our retail location across Country, you can control how your products are showcased. you will get paid via direct deposit 2 times a month. No E-transfers, cheques, or IOUs.


Our display includes Table Tag ( $150 /per month) , entry table ( $300/per month) , 1.5 ft display ( $385 /per month) and 2ft display ($450/per month).


We require an initial 3 month commitment to join iCashRewards, with all memberships converting into month to month following.


Our first location is on 1347 Marine Drive , West Vancouver, Canada . The Gateway to a charming neighbourhood, Ambleside Village, West Vancouver.

Launching your NFT project and your own token , Mint Now !

Plese select th Display size you re interested in

Thank you for the submission, we will get back to you soon!

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