Explore immersive virtual worlds for education, events and work, Digital 2020 !

Updated: Sep 18

Blockchain Impact Institute is hosting  "Digital 2020, Shape the Future of Our New Remote Economy & Investment Seminar"  from September 14 to September 23.   Digital 2020 event will be held in an AI powered 3D Immersive island VirBELA and you can access by a computer or laptop. ( not a Smartphone or Tablet). View our venue here and agenda !

The Digital 2020 Investment Seminar will bring industry leaders together to share how innovative applications of immersive tech have been used across numerous industries such as education, real estate, manufacturing, art, retail and others and present a social engagement and communication solution in a virtual environment that transforms regular meetings into unforgettable virtual networking experiences and join with digital technology to disrupt traditional industrial practices.

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Live on YouTube:

Every Thursday, Ms. wonderful Fanny Travis is hosting a virtual digital marketing education on Youtube, talking about how an enterprise-scale 3D world that leverages immersive technology to support your collaboration, events, education, or training goals! RSVP here. View YouTube

Cowork in the cloud. Transition to Virtual Learning from Video Learning.

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Chinese : wechat news released by Lions Gate hospital Foundation https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/JR92gLiICp_CCinx8vb0WA

A PwC exec says global disruption has accelerated the future of work by 5-10 years.

In this Business Insider interview, he discusses the shifting landscape of remote work, and steps companies are taking to engage employees and move forward. Read News here.

A Harvard University student with a tech startup is trying to bring a little social life back to campuses as they continue remote operations in the fall. (Hey, it worked for Zuckerberg.) Read the news here

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