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3DVR空间出售和租赁 | Digital One 3D VR Center

Updated: Dec 31, 2020

欢迎预定和购买3D 大礼堂, 会议厅, 电影院, 会议厅,曹俊艺术空间, 咖啡厅和 培训教室 , 参观曹俊艺术3D虚拟空间 !



Building Your Remote Community and Cowork in the cloud 3D VR world !

OnZoom 会议收费平台 2021启动, 虚拟会议各平台竞赛中...

1:Money 20/20 国际会议 使用:

会议平台: Event-Specific AI-powered Matchmaking 平台 Global Connect. 限桌面电脑 + Slido

2:Digital 20/20 国际会议 使用:

会议平台: VirBELA , 限桌面电脑, 虚拟图像面对面交流 + Zoom

3:SDM 2020 美国会议 使用

会议平台: Run the world 鸡尾酒会配对

4: Singapore Fintech Festival 2020

会议平台: Zoom +? 期待

5: It Looks Like We’ll Be Virtual For a While and recently the GDS Group, the events company that produces CMO Brand Insight Summit, predicts in-person events won’t be back until at least 2022.

6: Looking forward, OnZoom, an online ticketed event published on October 14 2020, is coming soon.

期待 OnZoom event 2021 !

Digital One 携手 iCashRewards引进全球知名超100家大学院校和国际权威认证机构包括Microsoft , Amazon, Cisco 进驻 3D虚拟商务中心 Digital 2020 VR Center.

Blockchain Impact Institute 联盟欧洲最大的未来远程线上教学 Future Learn , 美国Blockchain Council 和加拿大赛德华夏学院 携手引进全球知名超100家大学院校和国际权威认证机构支持单位 包括Microsoft , Amazon, Cisco 等提供线上远程短期专业培训和本科研究生课程, 由各学院和认证权威机构直接提供证书或者授予学位。Future Learn, Blockchain Council , Blockchain Impact Institute 入驻 虚拟校园 VirBELA Digital One VR Center.

2020年秋季即将培训 热门课程有:

1) 微软 提供证书Microsoft Azure AI Engineer Associate (AI-100) certification “ Build an AI solution with Microsoft Azure" 。 Fee: $ 694 /15 weeks

2) 亚马逊AWS 云基金会 Build the technical skills you need to work in the fast-growing sector of cloud computing and prepare with AWS Academy Cloud Foundations 。 Fee: $969/12 weeks

3) Cisco Networking Academy 提供 短期培训Cyber Security Operations 。Fee: $834/12 weeks

4) 都柏林大学结业证书: FinTech - Financial Innovation (learn: Professional development, Finance, Fintech, Financial Services, Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies, Insurance, Big Data, Financial modelling) . Fee: $1664/10 weeks

进入500 强大企业,以上必学课程, 报名截止 10月11日. 点击报名

假日福利持续到 2020年10月31日, 报名学习者, 在学习期间 获得 Digital 2020 每天6小时免费在虚拟校园教室学习和配套虚拟电脑和桌子1张, 与教员和其他学生可以虚拟形象面对面交流。



Blockchain Impact Institute and Canada Robotic Youth Club are hosting  "Digital 2020, Shape the Future of Our New Remote Economy & Investment Seminar Series "  from September 14 to November 12. Digital 2020 event will be held in an AI powered 3D Immersive environment VirBELA Campus and you can access by a computer or laptop. ( not a Smartphone or Tablet). View our venue here and agenda !

The Digital 2020 Investment Seminar will bring industry leaders together to share how innovative applications of immersive tech have been used across numerous industries such as education, real estate, manufacturing, art, retail and others and present a social engagement and communication solution in a virtual environment that transforms regular meetings into unforgettable virtual networking experiences and join with digital technology to disrupt traditional industrial practices.

Live on YouTube:

Every Thursday, Ms. wonderful Fanny Travis is hosting a virtual digital marketing education on Youtube, talking about how an enterprise-scale 3D world that leverages immersive technology to support your collaboration, events, education, or training goals! View YouTube

Cowork in the cloud. Transition to Virtual Learning from Video Learning.


A PwC exec says global disruption has accelerated the future of work by 5-10 years.

In this Business Insider interview, he discusses the shifting landscape of remote work, and steps companies are taking to engage employees and move forward. Read News here.

A Harvard University student with a tech startup is trying to bring a little social life back to campuses as they continue remote operations in the fall. (Hey, it worked for Zuckerberg.) Read the news here

About Digital One VR Business Centre:

Digital One VR Business Centre is in an AI powered 3D virtual immersive environment. We offer 3D virtual office and event spaces for remote teams and entrepreneurs to connect and collaborate. In addition to screen share, text chat in virtual immersive business environment, we allow you to hold meetings, have casual conversations, and enjoy team building activities with over 200 concurrent users and many other features in video conferencing and collaboration platforms.

About iCashRewards:

iCashRewards, a Digital One network business, an eCommerce marketing and rewards platform, is a leading provider of online shopping digital rewards platform and solutions, connecting merchants and consumers across the globe. iCashRewards is a web and mobile- based plug-in and brings virtual shopping experience that gives online shoppers cash-back rewards in the form of cash back or USDT .

iCashRewards has added names like Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT), GoDaddy, (NASDAQ:BKNG), Groupon ( NASDAQ:GRPN), AXOS (NYSE:AX) , WIX, VirBELA, FOREO, Shoppers, Indigo, illy Coffee, Saks Fifth Avenue, Bloomingdales and over 150 brands to its portfolio.

We make money from our merchants who pay us when our users shop their sites. We then reward our users with cashback in CAD , US$ and USDT.

Follow us on Social Media: 

Wechat Channel: @digitalone

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