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Bloomberg 报道 | Reinvent #iCashRewards Post-COVID-19

Updated: Feb 21, 2021

TSXV listed Roadman Investments ( TSXV:LITT) has signed a Social eCommerce Licensing Agreement with A3Com Solutions Corp. and Digital One Asset Corp. to join forces to develop "iCashRewards", a next generation social eCommerce video marketing and rewards shopping platform.

What an incredible long weekend ! We are also blessed with three amazing holidays !

  • February 12th: Lunar New Year

  • February 14th: Valentine's Day

  • February 15th: Family Day

We wish you a wonderful time this weekend filled with delicious meals, love and the warmth of your family!


We welcome you to join the iCashRewards LinkedIn Group for updates and learn more about our headline news!

We’re very excited to announce our support for the upcoming Digital 20/21 title event “Food For Change: VR + Social Commerce to Enable Post-Covid Future” on April 23rd, 2021!

Tune in to our YouTube channel on Friday February 19th for more details on this one-of-a-kind showcasing event in an immersive 3D virtual environment. Don’t forget to scan & subscribe to our YouTube channel today!

Every Friday, Ms. wonderful Fanny Travis is hosting a virtual digital marketing education on iCashRewards Youtube, talking about how an enterprise-scale 3D world that leverages immersive technology to support your remote work, collaboration, events, shopping, education, or training goals!  View our venue here!

Diving into a virtual world !


Laval Virtual World

Bordeaux Geekfest

About Digital One VR Business Centre:

Digital One VR Business Centre is in an AI powered 3D virtual immersive environment. We offer 3D virtual office and event spaces for remote teams and entrepreneurs to connect and collaborate. In addition to screen share, text chat in virtual immersive business environment, we allow you to hold meetings, have casual conversations, and enjoy team building activities with over 200 concurrent users and many other features in video conferencing and collaboration platforms.

About A3Com Solutions Corp.

A3Com Solutions Corp.(“A3Com”) is a Vancouver-based startup, Blockchain & AI-focused software development company focusing on e-commerce and mobile reward platforms, consumer loyalty, and digital marketing. A3Com’s featured platform is iCashRewards, which connects merchants and consumers worldwide.

About iCashRewards:

iCashRewards is a web and mobile plug-in that gives online shoppers rewards in the form of cash back or USDT. iCashRewards welcomes global users to shop brand names like Microsoft, GoDaddy, Adidas, WIX, Shopify,, Groupon, Shoppers Drug Mart, Indigo, illy, Saks Fifths Avenue, Bloomingdales, Ledger, KeepKey, Bitcoin OTC, iBOFi and over 150 brands through its portal

iCashRewards is reinventing marketing using blockchain technology for loyalty rewards and applying augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) short-form video marketing programs to be a disruptive force in the digital marketing space.

“Welcome to iCashRewards, your new home for an innovative next-generation digital learning and shopping experience, supported by revolutionary virtual networking for participants across the globe.” said Blair Lowther, President of A3Com Solutions.

View virtual shopping center and virtual networking on YouTube (Click )

We make money from our merchants who pay us when our users shop their sites. We then reward our users with cashback in CAD , US$ and USDT.


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Wechat Channel: @digitalone #DigitalOne

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