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Digital 20/21 : Food For Change, Food For Good

Updated: Feb 14, 2021

VR + Social Commerce to Enable Post-Covid Future

The Food For Change was originated from a documentary film about food co-ops .The goal is to educate a wide audience about the principles of cooperation with a focus on healthy food and a healthy economy. YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT,YOU EAT BETTER FOOD, YOU GET CLEVER BRAIN。

“Plant a radish, get a radish, never any doubt. That’s why I love vegetables, you know what they’re about!”

~Tom Jones and Harvey Schmidt, The Fantastiks

iCashRewards is very happy to sponsor Digital 20/21 signature title event : Food For Change: VR + Social Commerce to Enable the Post-COVID Future on April 23rd, 2021, introducing a one-of-a-kind showcasing event for "Food For Change" in an immersive 3D virtual environment co-hosted by Roadman Investments Corp. and A3Com Solutions ( Read news on Feb 12, 2021), organized by Digital One Asset. This event allows your brands to connect with the local community and the world to promote your service and products, enhance social commerce promotion and enable the post-covid future and better life.

To help you succeed, we’ve reimagined Food For Change , to create collisions among supplier, retailers and investors, to facilitate one on one conversation and opportunity in a 3D virtual world and to inspire creativity and foster collaboration. Our mission is to establish new business opportunities for your brand.

The Digital 20/21 event will be held at VirBELA, a 3D Immersive Virtual Environment. You can access this event by a computer or laptop (not a Smartphone or Tablet) and through Zoom webinar platform as well.

VirBELA’s new Expo Hall/Convention Center is a modern business meeting and event facility that

provides event attendees an impressive 3D virtual event experience. The Expo Hall/Convention Center is

complete with a lobby, space for socializing, and an exhibitor floor. Review 3D Virtual Expo Hall.

The Convention Center can support 10,000+ users concurrently from anywhere in the world. You will have a chance to meet over 100 exhibitors from " Food For Change" event.

With each package below, you will have the right to have a one-minute short form video.

Get started and download the free App. You will also learn how immersive technology helps businesses such as Stanford Graduate School of Business, the Office of Naval Research, University of California, University of Massachusetts Boston, Davenport University, Honor Foundation, eXp Realty, iCashRewards, Stanford School of Medicine, Radiant Mortgage Bank, University of Puerto Rico, Vr Church, EGADE Business School, Singularity University, The Mankind Project,  Deloitte , Digital One and more.....  improve collaboration across their team of geographically dispersed professionals.

You will be represented on screen as an avatar who is your virtual person or a digital representation of yourself. We recommend you download, register, and customize your avatar 30 minutes in advance of attending #Digital2021! You can log in any time and look around, practice moving your avatar and take a sneak peek at the venue starting from February 5, 2021.  You can take a boat ride around the island and visit the beach, lighthouse and more before events start. The island is open 24/7 every day. 

Note: A headset or earbuds are strongly recommended to reduce the possibility of echo or feedback.

Every Friday, Ms. wonderful Fanny Travis is hosting a virtual digital marketing education on iCashRewards Youtube, talking about how an enterprise-scale 3D world that leverages immersive technology to support your remote work, collaboration, events, education, or training goals!  View our venue here!

Diving into a virtual world !


Laval Virtual World

Bordeaux Geekfest


越来越多的研究表明,吃什么不仅仅会影响我们的身体健康,更会影响我们的情绪甚至思维方式,不仅仅是YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT,YOU EAT BETTER FOOD,YOU GET CLEVER BRAIN。

社交电商从2019年以后,尤其是2020年开始,远比大众想得更专业、更精细、更厉害。 “社交电商带动新一轮发展的新引擎 从现实世界走进虚拟世界 从传统电商进入社交电商 分享经济是趋势 社交电商是趋势 5G是风口 智能家居是风口 虚拟现实是未来会议学习的趋势 与趋势和风口为伍“ iCashRewards 邀请全球食品链上下游供应商和品牌代表参展 “Digital 20/21 “FOOD FOR CHANGE" | 社交电商| 3D虚拟现实| 博览会”!共同学习!FOOD FOR CHANGE, FOOD FOR GOOD!


About Digital One VR Business Centre:

Digital One VR Business Centre is in an AI powered 3D virtual immersive environment. We offer 3D virtual office and event spaces for remote teams and entrepreneurs to connect and collaborate. In addition to screen share, text chat in virtual immersive business environment, we allow you to hold meetings, have casual conversations, and enjoy team building activities with over 200 concurrent users and many other features in video conferencing and collaboration platforms.

About A3Com Solutions Corp.

A3Com Solutions Corp.(“A3Com”) is a Vancouver-based startup, Blockchain & AI-focused software development company focusing on e-commerce and mobile reward platforms, consumer loyalty, and digital marketing. A3Com’s featured platform is iCashRewards, which connects merchants and consumers worldwide.

About iCashRewards:

iCashRewards, a Digital One network business, a new generation of social eCommerce video marketing and rewards platform, is a leading provider of online and virtual reality shopping experience solution, connecting merchants and consumers across the globe.

iCashRewards is a web and mobile- based plug-in that gives online shoppers cash-back rewards in the form of cash back or USDT . iCashRewards has added names like Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT), GoDaddy (NYSE:GDDY), Shoppers, Indigo, Adidas ( ETR:ADS), (NASDAQ:BKNG), VirBELA (NASDAQ: EXPI), 小米有品有鱼( 01810.H K), Groupon ( NASDAQ:GRPN), , WIX(NASDAQ: WIX), Shopify ( NYSE: SHOP) , Canva, Meetup, FOREO, illy, Saks Fifth Avenue, Bloomingdales, CaoJun Art and over 500 brands to its portfolio. View virtual shopping center and virtual networking on YouTube (Click )

We make money from our merchants who pay us when our users shop their sites. We then reward our users with cashback in CAD , US$ and USDT.

Follow us on Social Media: 

Wechat Channel: @digitalone

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