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WSJ | First stablecoin SATO that adopts the AMPL algorithm + liquidity pool launching iCashRewards!

Updated: Mar 30, 2021

A3Com Solutions Corp. (“A3Com”) is pleased to announce that it is entering into strategic partnership with SATO, the next generation of Stablecoin.

iCashRewards is very happy to apply SATO to the iCashRewards ecosystem that combines the utility token (“iCashToken”) with the rewards of a loyalty point that rebates customers for use of iCashRewards eCommerce shopping platform and services . iCashToken is planning to merge with SATO. Each user from iCashRewards can redeem their iCash Loyalty points ( iCashPoints) with Sato. One iCashToken can be exchanged with 1 SATO. Each SATO is priced at US$1.00, and the exchange will be effective from March 31 to April 15, 2021. Going forward, iCashPoints can redeem SATO as well as cash, USDT, and BTC. SATO is planning to list on various exchanges on April 14, 2021.


The crypto industry has seen the rise of various Stablecoins in the last few years. These Stablecoins have been built in different ways.

USDC, HUSD, TrueUSD are backed by fiat USD

DAI, Frax, OUSD are collateral based

SATO is a Stablecoin that is neither fiat backed or collateral based. It is purely algorithmic and relies on market forces of supply and demand to maintain its price.

Current Status of Stablecoin Market:

Compared with many DeFi projects that attract users to speculate simply by relying on high mining returns, the future application scenarios of algorithmic stablecoins have more room for imagination. Currently, the entire algorithmic stablecoin market is still in a stage where its value is heavily underestimated, which is similar to the collateralized stablecoins such as MakerDao in early 2019. It is expected that the market will break out.

AMPL, Basis Cash, ESD, Frax

At present, the market value of DeFi is growing rapidly and there are countless projects. However, there are still no more than ten products that are available for use in the algorithmic stablecoin market. The well-known algorithmic stablecoins include AMPL, Basic Cash, ESD and Frax. Among them, only the prices of AMPL and Frax can be maintained around 1 USD. Although AMPL’s algorithm has been modified several times by latecomers, it is still in the leading position of algorithmic stablecoins, which is similar to the position of PoW in the main chain. Therefore, the current single currency inflation & deflation model (rebase) of AMPL has been tested by the market.

What is $SATO?

SATO is a next generation algorithmic stable coin. SATO relies on the invisible market forces of supply and demand to maintain its price stability.

USD and collateral backed Stablecoins have various flaws and are not suited to the crypto ecosystem.

USD backed Stablecoins rely on the broken monetary infrastructure of central banks to provide stability. As a result, the Stablecoin’s stability is derived from the backed currency itself. Similarly, collateral backed Stablecoins use other Stablecoins with USD backed collateral. Thus, the underlying system is still reliant on the flaws of USD backed Stablecoins.

SATO doesn’t rely on any centralized fiat currency such as USD. It can maintain its price stability algorithmically via smart contracts.

“ We are very excited to see the users from iCashRewards have the ability to redeem the first DeFi revolutionary stablecoin SATO (“SATO”) and a Roadman subsidiary will mine the SATO through the SATO's liquidity pool once it is opened. We like the name “SATO” as it is an inspiration from Satoshi Nakamoto, a name used by the presumed pseudonymous person or persons who developed bitcoin, authored the bitcoin white paper, and created and deployed bitcoin's original reference implementation. ” states Luke Montaine, CEO of Roadman Investments.


How to Redeem SATO Token?

Option 1: (Converting iCash Loyalty Points to SATO)

Register and request redeem from your account , Send us your BEP-20 Address and we will deposit SATO into your account . Contact us!

Option 2: (Converting iCash Token to SATO)

If you hold iCashToken, Please Either send us your iCash Token in exchange for SATO or Download SwapAll to convert it on your own.


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About A3Com Solutions Corp.

A3Com Solutions Corp.(“A3Com”) is a Vancouver-based startup, Blockchain & AI-focused software development company focusing on e-commerce and mobile reward platforms, consumer loyalty, and digital marketing. A3Com’s featured platform is iCashRewards, which connects merchants and consumers worldwide.

About iCashRewards:

iCashRewards is a web and mobile plug-in that gives online shoppers rewards in the form of cash back or USDT. iCashRewards welcomes global users to shop brand names like Microsoft, GoDaddy, Adidas, WIX, Shopify,, Groupon, Shoppers Drug Mart, Indigo, illy, Saks Fifths Avenue, Bloomingdales, Ledger, KeepKey, Bitcoin OTC, iBOFi and over 150 brands through its portal

iCashRewards is reinventing marketing using blockchain technology for loyalty rewards and applying augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) short-form video marketing programs to be a disruptive force in the digital marketing space.

“Welcome to iCashRewards, your new home for an innovative next-generation digital learning and shopping experience, supported by revolutionary virtual networking for participants across the globe.” said Blair Lowther, President of A3Com Solutions.

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We make money from our merchants who pay us when our users shop their sites. We then reward our users with cashback in CAD , US$ and USDT.



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