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iCashRewards Community !

Updated: May 7, 2021

Airdrop 7: Social account :


Airdrop 1: (March 27 - April 2) iCASH Rewards Ended

1: Have you entered the #2MillionGiveaway?

Here’s how to enter our #2MillionGiveaway

  1. Retweet our contest and tag @ArtTeaswap

  2. Follow @iCashLoyalty on Twitter

  3. Follow @ArtTeaSwap

  4. Join #iCashRewards!


Airdrop 2: (March 31 - April 5) iCASH & SATO Ended

Invite your friends through your iCash account with your referral code or link and you will receive a reward of $10 SATO for each invite , your guest will receive $10 SATO as well.

邀请有奖参加 iCash 项目空投:

1: 注册Sign up , The more the merrier! Participate in #iCashRewards $SATO #airdrop! 2: 通过你的邀请码邀请 Invite your friends with your unique referral code & receive 10 $SATO for you & your friend! ,各获得 $10 约等值的SATO 算法稳定币!

Join today at 该有奖活动4月5日结束


Airdrop 3: (April 7 - April 14) iCASH & TSA

Register on and you will be rewarded with 50 TSA ! Using your unique referral code, invite your friends to register on iCashRewards and you will both receive an additional 50 TSA each!

邀请有奖参加 TSA 项目空投:

1: 注册Sign up , The more the merrier! Participate in #iCashRewards $TSA #airdrop!

2: 通过你的邀请码邀请 Invite your friends with your unique referral code & receive 50 $TSA for you & your friend! ,各获得 $50 TSA! Join today at


Airdrop 4 TSA Phase 1 AirDrop

Join #TSA#airdrop phase 1 today and register on to receive 50 TSA! This event runs 3/31 to 4/19.

Here’s how to enter our Phase 1 Giveaway

  1. Retweet our contest +Reply with your BEP20 address and Tag @ArtTeaswap

  2. Follow @iCashLoyalty @ArtTeaSwap on Twitter 50 lucky winners will win 500 $TSA


Airdrop 5: TSA NFT Community Rewards

Would like to be an #NFT community partner for TSA? Using your unique referral link under your #iCashRewards account, invite your friends to join @iCashLoyalty & you would be rewarded 50 TSA!


Airdrop 6: 为庆祝上线,存 USDT 赠送 TSA NFT 交易平台 积分通证TSA:

(For mobile app version only, no minimum )

TSA 海納百川 🌷截止纽约时间4月4日 3:30 ,TSA吸引了全球1605万枚 USDT (USD$1605万美金)参与角逐 500万枚 TSA 奖励,活动截止日 5月24日。 TSA 用途: 1: 奖励 全球 NFT拥有者 2: 奖励铸造 NFT 创作者 3: 奖励 购买NFT收藏家 4:奖励社区NFT 推动者 5: 奖励NFT生态合作伙伴 TSA平台 收取 10% NFT 交易费。 其中20%奖励社区和用户。 谢谢USDT持有者参与! 备注: 你符合TSA NFT社区奖励吗?点击链接。

Airdrop 7 TSA & SATO livestream at TokenClub April 6

扫码关注并喜欢我们今天发布的推特帖子, 注明你BEP20地址, 首个50位即获10个SATO, 20 个TSA.


What is $TSA?

TEAsWAP.Art ("TSA") is a new Fine Art NFT Marketplace cross chain on Binance Smart Chain, bringing together creators, collectors, curators, influencers, brokers, wallets, auctioneers around the world to the NFT digital space.

Social account :

How to redeem your iCashPoints to SATO?

Option 1: Converting iCash Loyalty Points to SATO

Register and request redeem from your account , Send us your BEP20 Address and we will deposit SATO into your account . Question? Contact us!

Option 2: Converting iCash Token to SATO)

If you already held iCashToken, Please Download SwapAll Mobile APP to convert it on your own.

What is $SATO?

SATO is a next generation algorithmic stable coin. SATO relies on the invisible market forces of supply and demand to maintain its price stability.

USD and collateral backed Stablecoins have various flaws and are not suited to the crypto ecosystem.

USD backed Stablecoins rely on the broken monetary infrastructure of central banks to provide stability. As a result, the Stablecoin’s stability is derived from the backed currency itself. Similarly, collateral backed Stablecoins use other Stablecoins with USD backed collateral. Thus, the underlying system is still reliant on the flaws of USD backed Stablecoins.

SATO doesn’t rely on any centralized fiat currency such as USD. It can maintain its price stability algorithmically via smart contracts.

We welcome you to join the iCashRewards LinkedIn Group for updates and learn more about our headline news!

About A3Com Solutions Corp. A3Com Solutions Corp.(“A3Com”) is a Vancouver-based startup, Blockchain & AI-focused software development company focusing on e-commerce and mobile reward platforms, consumer loyalty, and digital marketing. A3Com’s featured platform is iCashRewards, which connects merchants and consumers worldwide. About iCashRewards: iCashRewards is a web and mobile plug-in that gives online shoppers rewards in the form of cash back or USDT. iCashRewards welcomes global users to shop brand names like Microsoft, GoDaddy, Adidas, WIX, Shopify,, Groupon, Shoppers Drug Mart, Indigo, illy, Saks Fifths Avenue, Bloomingdales, Ledger, KeepKey, Bitcoin OTC, iBOFi and over 150 brands through its portal iCashRewards is reinventing marketing using blockchain technology for loyalty rewards and applying augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) short-form video marketing programs to be a disruptive force in the digital marketing space. “Welcome to iCashRewards, your new home for an innovative next-generation digital learning and shopping experience, supported by revolutionary virtual networking for participants across the globe.” said Blair Lowther, President of A3Com Solutions. View virtual shopping center and virtual networking on YouTube (Click ) We make money from our merchants who pay us when our users shop their sites. We then reward our users with cashback in CAD , US$ and USDT. #iCashRewards #A3Com #DigitalOne #曹俊艺术VR空间 三分钟搞懂ERC-20和ERC-721的不同




正因为ERC-20标准的存在,使得发行Token变得很简单。目前,以太坊上ERC-20 Token的数量超过了180000种。

2: ERC-721


ERC-721标准规定了符合它这种标准的每个Token都有唯一的Token ID。在ERC-721标准里,每个Token都是独一无二的。也就是说,在ERC-721标准下,你的100块“钱”和我的100块“钱”是不一样的,因为这两张100块钱的编号是不一样的。


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