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Updated: Sep 25, 2020

Office space, working from home, and COVID-19

Fast-forward to September 2020: many Canadian companies will likely be returning to a new normal across the country, including having some of their employees go back to their offices. But not all of them every day, which will reduce the demand for office space. Or will it? Read a research from Duncan Stewart, Deloitte. The pandemic’s lasting impact on the market for offices.

As you've seen, automation and integration are game-changers that drive huge growth across the entire organization especially  for those work at home and remotely.

Get a full overview of the evolution of integration and automation technology for business to get a deeper understanding of Microsoft team, Zoom and WIX integration , Cowork with 3D cloud VirBELA . Join our live stream on every Thursday at 2:30 , review our latest edition on youtube

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正如你在疫情后看到的现象,在家办公和远程会议成为了一种新的趋势,智能化的办公软件和3D 虚拟云空间服务提供了工作的必要性,从而推动了整个未来远程办公业的发展。

全面了解智能化办公软件的整合和发展趋势,我们将带领您进入3D虚拟办公环境深入了解如何使用 Microsoft Team, Canva, Zoom,VirBELA和WIX 等的电子商务和云办公系统来提高您的办公效率实现利益最优化。

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