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CaoJunNFT Collectibles

Purple Pavilion and Cyan Cloud

Price: 1,000 USDT
Artist: Cao Jun
Edition: 8272818829998303
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Non-fungible token (JPG)

Purple Pavilion Qingyun Part / Cao Jun

Collected by Steven C. Rockefeller II • 2019 •

Cao Jun’s art is derived from the charm of calligraphy and enlightenment. The mountains and rivers in his paintings are magnified and tasted by any detail, which seems to be great. The thick ink splash makes the mist in the brush seem to float in the mountains, in an instant. Floating away again, the ink has five colors. No matter what kind of paint he uses, he can show flexible and instantaneous light and shadow in the color.

Payment Notes:

1: Connect to your wallet or scan QR code with your wallet.

2: USDT address:

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