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Become a member of TSANFT Collectors Club! 


There are only 9 limited edition pieces on Phase 1, so you’ll have to get it quick before it disappears!


These NFTs are created by TSA Production Studio

Creator : 0x929Da9...AD0F20fA

Owner : 0x929Da9...AD0F20fA

Contract Address : 0xe2F923...08c00309

Token ID : 1-9 (9 in total)


These addresses are the same as the TSANFT Metaverse Avatars, so you can stake them in the TSANFT Avatar Stake Pool.


By purchasing this,


1) you’ll have a 1-hour early access to the stake pool before the TSANFT Metaverse Avatars NFTs are formally put on the marketplace for purchase.


In addition,


2) you’ll be entitled to preview and pre-buy any new Avatar offering before it’s made public for the market. Right now, there are only 9 of these available so it’s very exclusive.


3) As a TSANFT Collectors Club member,  we invite you to the TSA Metaverse Studio in Virbela to preview our next collection and you can also pre-buy them before anyone else.


After payment, please provide your wallet and vendor ID to , we will transfer NFT to your profile.




1) How to find your Vendor ID?



2) Question? Join TSA Customer Support Channel Discord;

TSANFT Collectors Club

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