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Need help ? We can mint for you ! You can pay with credit card for $35 or pay with BNB including service fee.


Fill our form after your payment  :


A limit time offer ending on November 25, 2021 , you will reward 350 TSA for each mint .


TSA is currently available to trade,, , as well as popular decentralized exchanges like TeaSwap. BakerySwap, PancakeSwap, and the most popular trading pairs for TSA include TSA/USDT, TSA/BUSD, TSA/BNB ,TSA/BTC, TSA/ETH , TSA/Cake, TSA/ Bake, TSA/ Doge and TSA/Shih.


Once you complete payment, you will receive your NFT in your profile ( Your vendor link like this : with information including price, Description, Provenance Contract Address, Token ID .


Please submit your application for along with your wallet address and vendor ID to .



1) How to find your Vendor ID?



2) Question? Join TSA Customer Support Channel Discord;

Time To Mint

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