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iCashRewards Immersive Reality (“IR”) Office is designed to promote social interaction & collaboration among participants while working from home. Scalable and 'always on’ to support iCash users from anywhere in the world.


  • Immersive reality (IR) is becoming more accessible.
  • Transition to Virtual Learning from Video Learning.
  • Immerse virtual worlds for events, learning, and work.


Member Benefit:

  1. Supports up to 20 concurrent users
  2. Contains 2 office space and 2 work desk
  3. 4 Brandable Wall Panels 
  4. 10 hrs/month use of boardrooms, 2 hrs / month use of Conference Hall or Auditorim or Theater .
  5. inclusion in the Digtial One social network that hosts networking events,
    learning seminars etc
  6. Short form video marketing once a month through TikTok, Youtube  and Wechat Channel and more.


Book appointment and visit our Immersive Reality ("IR") Office at VirBela Open Campus!


Download +Install VirBELA : Windows or Mac

Immersive Reality Office A

Price Options
IR Room
C$855.50every month until canceled
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