iCashRewards Loyalty Program ("iCash")


As a user, you will receive the perks below: (CAD$4,000 value)


1. You will receive 1 complimentary iCashRewards Loyalty Card. Customers use the iCashRewards Loyalty Card to conduct transactions, just like how they use the metro top-up card. The iCashRewards Loyalty Card contains the private key information, encrypted.


2. Once we receive your USDT or UID address, you will receive a red packet of USDT (CAD$500 value). It can be used through iBank iCash XPass and XPOS. You can trade USDT with BTC and others.


3. You will be entitled to receive iCashRewards Loyalty Points of 2,610,000 for the total value of CAD$3500 ("iCash Loyalty Point") in your  account. iCash Loyalty Points can redeem Cash and USDT.


Note 1:

Need a wallet?

For a free, simple, secure and easy-to-setup wallet, we recommend Ledger and Keepkey


Note 2: (Optional)

*To retrieve your UID 

1. Register an account on www.ibankex.io .

2. Once completed, log into your account.

3. Find your UID in "Account & Security".


*The right to use iCashRewards Loyalty Points is subject to the terms and conditions of the iCashRewards Rewards Loyalty Program.



iCash Individual Package

SKU: iCASH_Individual
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