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One World Together at Home - Online Music Festival

One World @ One Home Vancouver Online Music Festival is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom Live Music Festival. Topic: One World, One Home Vancouver Online Music Festival Time: May 10, 2020 7:30 -10:00 PM PST


A little inspiration breeds unlimited creativity.

A little kindness brings good teachers and great friends.

A little spray gathers into the ocean.


Beautiful music unites the world.

A group of music lovers in Vancouver will launch the “One World Together@Vancouver” live concert online to provide a music audiovisual feast for those who are isolated at home. This concert is to pay tribute to the medical staff and community workers who strive to fight on the front line and raise money for the fight against the epidemic in Canada.


Chief Planner: Lao La

Chief Editor: Luo Bin, Li Hongxia

Music Group: Wendi, Dabao, Lu Runxiang, Mina

Technical Group: Li Hongxia, Alexander Luo, Watermelon, Tiger Liu Lijun

Outreach team: Minton Guan, Yoyo, Wu Dongping

Field Affairs Team: Blue Fish, Alexander Luo, Jenny Han Jiang

Volunteer Team: Guan Weiying, Junmei, Chenxi, Wang Xiaojia, Huameijia

Produced by: Laura Vision

Co-produced by: Vancouver Media

Supporting Organizations (in no particular order): Canadian Chinese Traditional Culture Fund Association, Canadian Chinese Federation , Vancouver Youth Philharmonic Orchestra, Vancouver Haiyun Chorus, South China University of Technology Vancouver Alumni Association Chorus, Sun Yat-sen University Vancouver Alumni Association, Vancouver Dabao Art Institute, Anbo Finance, , Vancouver Board of Directors, Canadian Fruit Raspberry Group, Canada Unified Trust Immigration, Vancouver North Deng Cultural Association, Baishi Nansuli Chinese Association, Phoenix Satellite Television (Americas) Canadian Program Center, Canadian Chinese Traditional Culture Foundation , Canada Vancouver International Elite Association, Zhicheng Capital, Canada Youth Sports Promotion Association, Wendu Media, Silicon Valley Anxin School, North American Venture Capital Incubation Center, Rotary Club of Vancouver , Digital One Asset,

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