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iCashRewards' Guide to having the best quarantined Life. How to Stay healthy and work at home

Stay Informed

While you’re living out your best socially distanced life, you can always stay informed with the latest ’rona news by visiting the CDC, the WHO, and JHU websites, and check which events are canceled here.

Sign up with iCashRewards wellness at home 10% off and free and free shipping.

We are getting together with Oxford Properties to promote 'Wellness At Home'

Manage your daily routines with a boost from quick 20 minute guided meditations to start your day off right. Zoom allows for easy to access digital meetings and a jolt of energy to start your day.

Live Zoom Schedule:

7:40am Meditation Zoom link:

12:00pm Intervals Zoom link:

2:00pm Stretch Break Zoom link:

(Meditation & Stretch Break Links will be the same each day, unless otherwise noted)

Class Descriptions:

Meditation: Join Kerri for 20 minutes of guided meditation to start your day off right.

Intervals: Quick and effective workout led by Emma. No special equipment needed, all abilities welcome.

Stretch: Emma will guide you through a 15-minute stretch break to help you feel refreshed and get you through the rest of your work day.

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