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Cao Jun New Song Style Art Series & NFT collectibles 2021!

Updated: Mar 11, 2021

Presented by iCashRewards YouTube Channel | Cao Jun VR Art Studio

Replay at iCashRewards Youtube Channel, :

Paintings from the Song Dynasty represent the pinnacle of centuries of Chinese Painting. Cao Jun has devoted himself to the study of Song Dynasty painting for many years. Song Dynasty paintings have a song spiritual core, much like a human body. Cao Jun, with a keen awareness of the pulse of civilization, brought to life his unique way of observation and expression, and created his own painting language - Cao Jun New Song Style.

About Cao Jun

Cao Jun is an internationally-renowned artist living in New York City. He won the Gold Medal at the Salon du Carrousel du Louvre in Paris in 2013, and in 2018 he exhibited his works at the McMullen Museum of Art in Boston. His works, a synthesis of Chinese classical calligraphy and western modernism, have been published in art magazines and are held in contemporary art collections and museums including the National Art Museum of China, Centre Pompidou in Paris, and the Parliament of New Zealand. The designs of CaoJun Digital Crypto Art & iCashRewards Gift cards are based on three of Cao Jun’s paintings, Purple Pavilion and Cyan Cloud, Once in a Millennium, and Spring’s News. Announced in New York in May 2019 during Blockchain Week, the limited edition collectible cards function like a standard crypto debit card and can be consumed in over 25 countries.

Cao Jun’s New Song Style Series will be live-streaming on the iCashRewards YouTube Channel at

DigitalOne频道| 曹俊VR工作室录制


牵手您走进VR世界, 走近曹俊 #曹俊艺术“新宋式”! 宋代绘画,是中国画的最高峰,曹俊多年以来一直致力于宋画的研究。宋画正如一个生命体,有着强大的精神内核,曹俊在延续着这条文明脉动的艺术实践中, 引入了自己融合中西的独特观察与表达方式,创造出了一种属于自己的绘画语言—-曹俊“新宋式“! 曹俊“新宋式” 系列(1)即将在iCashRewards YouTube频道上直播#曹俊新宋式创新(#CaoJunArt #曹俊艺术 #艺术家曹俊 #曹俊艺术#国际中国艺术大师


About Digital One VR Business Centre:

Digital 2020 VR business center is in an AI powered 3D cloud virtual immersive environment. We help innovations grow and create a sustainable future, we provide a 3D virtual space for remote entrepreneurs and teams to connect and collaborate. In addition to screen share, text chat, over 200 concurrent users and many other features in video conferencing and collaboration platforms, we allow you to hold meetings, have casual conversations, and enjoy team building activities without sacrificing togetherness.

About iCashRewards:

iCashRewards 虚拟商城 和数字营销系统 ( "iCash" 或 "iCashRewards") 于2020年8月正式上线VirBELA 3D 虚拟校园, iCash是一家领先的为全球商家品牌提供全方位数字化营销推广和最终实现终端用户消费积分全球化的一套创新的智能管理系统。iCashRewards 2.0利用区块链技术重塑传统积分支持利用通证进行激励, 致力于构建共享共赢的新金融产业生态并打入新的全球市场。

iCashRewards虚拟商城已经入驻的国际和本地品牌包括 Microsoft, Amazon, Shopify, WIX, Shoppers Drug Mart, Indigo, DAVIDsTEa, VirBELA, illy Coffee, CaoJun Art, Meetup, Canva, Acer, Alibaba Cloud,KitchenAids, Dyson, FOREO, Kaspersky, 施华洛世奇,, Fossil, Lacoste, Saks Fifth Avenue, 周生生黄金,美国网络数字银行 AXOS BANK 和比特币 商店iBank Digital 等超过500+商家。

iCashRewards (“iCash” )积分奖励兑现支持加元, 美元和稳定币USDT。

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