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Artist Cao Jun
(Chinese: 曹俊, born 1966 in Jiangyan District, Jiangsu Province, China) 
CaoJun  won the Gold Medal at the Salon du Carrousel du Louvre in Paris in 2013.[1] In 2018 he exhibited his works at the McMullen Museum of Art, Boston, United States in a solo exhibition curated by the philosopher and professor Sallis John, together with the art historian Prof. Nancy Netzer.[2] His works are a synthesis of Chinese classical calligraphy and western Modernism.

Cao Jun is a Chinese artist currently residing in New York City. Cao Jun's core philosophy is that nature and humanity can co-exist harmoniously in order to bring human beings closer to nature. This central theme resonates in his paintings and is treasured by his many fans around the world. Cao Jun's background is a blending of Asian and Western cultures, which creates his unique cognitive style and academic personality. In addition to using pen and ink in his work, Cao Jun's art espouses the "borrowing the ancients to open the present" by melding together both tradition and modernism in his art. His work is uniquely original, but also in touch with tradition. His love for life and nature resonates through his artistic charm and expressionism. His work has been featured in exhibitions at the McMullen Museum of Art at Boston College, the Rockefeller Museum, the National Art Museum of China, the Long Island Museum in New York and more. Since 2009 the record price for CaoJun artist at auction is $1,309,063 USD for An Unprecedented, sold at Poly Auction Hong Kong Limited in 2019.

Cao Jun VR Center
Cao Jun NFT
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Autumn Begins


Cao Jun New Song Style

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Once in a Millennium


Cao Jun Digital Art Collection

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