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Up to 2 iCashRewards Loyalty Points

A .ca domain name is the online equivalent of a double-double. It tells customers that you – and your website — are made in Canada. 



Up to 2 iCashRewards Loyalty Points

Our multi-carrier shipping software is well-equipped to support you as your needs grow. Tens of thousands of savvy e-commerce businesses have mastered their shipping with Shippo.

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iBank Stablecoin XPOS

Up to 5 iCashRewards Loyalty Points

iBank Stablecoin XPOS is a smart device that is built to distribute cryptocurrency and each transaction is recorded. Consumers use iBank Stablecoin XPOS to buy physical goods using cryptocurrency. 


iCashRewards Loyalty Merchants

Up to 80,000 iCashRewards Loyalty Points

The iCashRewards Loyalty package is designed for individual, which includes 100 complimentary iCashRewards Loyalty Cards, 1000 USDT deposited iCash XPOS, 80,000 iCash ($9850 value) and discount rebate on iBankEx.

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