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About John Capitano

I continue to work within this process because my artistic concerns still revolve around elements of play and discovery. However, while my concern is with visual dynamics - the play of color, visual effects and the visceral nature of paint, its various applications and interactions - I am intrigued by the tension between these strictly painterly or abstract concerns and representational imagery.

I have worked through a wide range of imagery including still life whose status historically as low art makes it an appropriate place to explore freely. More recently I have returned to even more banal subjects that also lend a sense of humour to my work. Confronting the mundane nature of everyday life, I am representing everything from the kitchen sink and its usual forms of disarray to the formidable state of the bathroom - a rare subject in the realm of art.



Hydrangeas #2


Wan Chai Market #2


Hong Kong Market


Tsui Wah Restaurant


Cherry Blossoms

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