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Monthly subscription fee of only C$33 plus a one-time installation fee of $1250, please contact us for more information at


Mobile Payment

iBank Stablecoin XPOS supports payment from both cryptocurrency wallets and traditional mobile wallets, including Alipay, the Bitcoin wallet, and more. All you have to do is to have one iBank Stablecoin XPOS device in your store, and you get all these payment channels integrated into one place.You can also increase revenue from the ads space on the side screen of iBank Stablecoin XPOS device. 


Card Payment

The iBank Stablecoin XPOS is now establishing partnership with exchange platforms, cryptocurrency wallets, fashion brands, and chain store to launch cryptocurrency payment card. For the customers who don't know how to use the mobile payment to conduct a transaction, they can buy and use cryptocurrencies with ease. 


iBank XPass Card

The customers use the iBank XPass card to conduct transactions, just like how they use the metro top-up card. The iBank XPass card contains the private key information, encrypted.

iBank Stablecoin XPOS

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