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A .ca domain name is the online equivalent of a double-double. It tells customers that you – and your website — are made in Canada. 

Up to 2 iCashRewards Loyalty Points


Our multi-carrier shipping software is well-equipped to support you as your needs grow. Tens of thousands of savvy e-commerce businesses have mastered their shipping with Shippo.

Up to 2 iCashRewards Loyalty Points

iBank Stablecoin XPOS

iBank Stablecoin XPOS is a smart device that is built to distribute cryptocurrency and each transaction is recorded. Consumers use iBank Stablecoin XPOS to buy physical goods using cryptocurrency. 

Up to 5 iCashRewards Loyalty Points

iCashRewards Loyalty Merchants

The iCashRewards Loyalty package is designed for individual, which includes 100 complimentary iCashRewards Loyalty Cards, 1000 USDT deposited iCash XPOS, 80,000 iCash ($9850 value) and discount rebate on iBankEx.

Up to 80,000 iCashRewards Loyalty Points